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  • Desktop SoftwareMicrosoft Excel 2013
  • Information Technology Microsoft SCCM 2012
  • Desktop Software Microsoft Windows 8 End User
  • Information TechnologyConfiguring Windows 8
  • Desktop Software Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2013
  • Information Technology Microsoft Private Cloud 2012
  • Desktop Software Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Information Technology Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Desktop Software Microsoft Access 2013

Angel Whitman

My K Alliance online training library lets me train when I want as much as I want. The videos are well presented and the instructors are wonderful at making the material very easy to understand. I recommend them for training to all of my friends and co-workers.

Kristine Kapusta

Thanks so much! The videos are so helpful, I've learned so much, and I'm becoming more efficient as I go through them. I've tried websites like Lynda.com, but their videos are drawn out, long, and not very practical. I really appreciate your approach to the Adobe CS Series, and have learned the programs better than my last 3 years at design school. 

Phyllis Jendrusch

Our clients recognize, and are very excited about the employment possibilities that become available to them through their participation in the K-Alliance program, particularly since it makes available advanced training difficult to attain elsewhere. All of us at  Dress for Success San Antonio are grateful for this opportunity.  

Brian Attas

After looking at several online and on-premise solutions for IT training, Environmental Defense Fund has chosen the online services of K Alliance for our IT training needs. With 10 IT professionals to train at various levels, K Alliance was able to provide a full library of courses that pertain to our needs to expand our skill sets in several Microsoft and Cisco areas, among others. Having the ability to grant access to all courses in the library and have staff choose a time that works for them is a much better solution in terms of cost and management. It also allows staff to explore in other areas for no additional costs. The biggest selling point was cost but when looking at the demo videos and then looking at some of the courses in the library, the content is extremely relevant and the instructors are actually engaging and not boring as we have found with other online solutions. This is really a win win for EDF and our IT staff.


My name is Yolando and I am currently attending New Horizons here in Chicago and I am taking CompTIA's A + and working towards my MCSE certification. I came across your K Alliance YouTube channel and subscribed to you. Thank you for taking the time to share this vast wealth of knowledge. Very informative and a great addition to the books and lab assignments for us inspiring students. Keep it coming!

S. Dadson

The self-study online courses I received from K Alliance really helped me get the position I wanted. My manager was so pleased with my work, he gave me a promotion and a raise.

S. Nenov

The A+ course is informative and well presented by the instructor.  The material is very well organized into smaller 3-8 minute videos.  Difficult sections are further explained with a white board, where the instructor draws and gives more details about the material covered. Demos are short and to the point and present for every hands-on part.  Overall, K Alliance will save you time and the trouble to look into other training materials.

M. Lacewell

After I was laid off from work, I used my spare time to cross train and study for a Microsoft professional certification. Once I displayed my certification in the interview, I was hired as a database administrator.

T. Hendricks

Man, you can't imagine how much I dig learning this stuff. Why couldn't it be this easy in school?