Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Training

K Alliance’s online training on Configuring and Troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services helps students understand how to manage, configure, monitor and troubleshoot the Terminal Services of Windows Server 2008. The tutorial videos provide a comprehensive introduction to Windows 2008 Terminal Services. You will learn how to install and configure the TS role and settings, TS licensing role, and TS applications. Find out how to configure the licensing of TS for user or devices, manage the licensing lifecycle, use the TS console and Group Policy to configure TS connections, and identify different types of applications that can be installed in a Terminal Services environment. You will also learn how to troubleshoot the connection properties of TS for single and multiple users, enable availability of TS RemoteApp programs through websites by configuring TS Web Access, and configure TS Easy Print, TS Gateway properties and TS session broker to ensure that the TS farm is load-balanced. As the course ends, you will also know how to resolve client connectivity issues, monitor TS connections, identify TS services role monitoring methods, configure resource allocation policies using WSRM, and monitor the performance of WSRM.

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Target Audience

The course is targeted at Technology Specialists in an enterprise environment. IT professionals getting into a new role where they have to manage terminal server session served connections over networks will also find the course useful.


Participants must understand the basic concepts and have some experience in Windows Server 2008 network infrastructure and application platform. It is also desirable to have some experience administering and supporting TS.


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Video Course Duration: 4 Hours 45 Minutes

    • 1.0 Configuring Core Functionality and Connections of Terminal Services
      • Introduction 4:18
      • Understanding Terminal Services 1:25
      • New Features of Terminal Services 4:04
      • Installing and Configuring Terminal Services 11:33
      • Installing Terminal Services Role Service Demo 7:39
      • Remote Desktop Connection 9:12
      • Installation Options for Terminal Services 7:08
      • Configuring and Troubleshooting TS Settings 3:19
      • Configuring Settings Demo 16:44
      • Troubleshooting Terminal Services Settings 14:02
      • Summary 7:05
    • 2.0 Configuring and Managing Licensing
      • Introduction 0:44
      • Deploying the Terminal Services Licensing Role 1:17
      • Using the Terminal Services Licensing Manager 8:14
      • Client Access Licenses 3:33
      • Managing Licenses 2:37
      • Summary 6:10
    • 3.0 Configuring Terminal Services RemoteApp and Easy Print
      • Introduction 1:19
      • Configuring RemoteApp Programs 1:55
      • Deploying RemoteApp Programs with TS Web Access 5:46
      • Configuring and Deploying RemoteApp Programs Demo 6:25
      • Configuring Printers 20:50
      • Summary 8:40
    • 4.0 Configuring Web Access and Session Broker Services
      • Introduction 2:22
      • Understanding TS Web Access 1:37
      • Deploying TS Web Access 3:55
      • Configuring the TS Session Broker Service 5:49
      • Installing and Configuring TS Session Broker 5:13
      • Deploying and Configuring Session Broker Demo 4:04
      • Summary 16:07
    • 5.0 Configuring and Troubleshooting the TS Gateway
      • Introduction 1:53
      • Understanding TS Gateway 0:56
      • Configuring TS Gateway 5:02
      • Configuring Authorization Policies 4:31
      • Deploying TS Gateway Demo 6:23
      • Monitoring and Troubleshooting TS Gateway Connections 18:32
      • Utilizing NAP with TS Gateway 6:45
      • Configuring the TS Gateway for NAP Demo 6:00
      • Troubleshooting TS Gateway Connections 15:52
      • Summary 3:34
    • 6.0 Managing and Monitoring Terminal Services
      • Introduction 2:09
      • Managing and Monitoring Connections to TS 1:15
      • Configuring Windows System Resource Manager 6:55
      • Summary 0:01
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