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Soft Skills

Every successful company understands the importance of effective communication and organizational skills. Whether you are dealing with colleagues, negotiating with suppliers or interacting with customers, the way that you present yourself and your ideas and manage your resources is key to your success in the workplace. K Alliance offers a full selection of Soft Skills online training videos designed to support your business and professional development. Presented by subject matter experts, these courses provide you with valuable interpersonal and organizational skills, enabling you to avoid costly miscommunication errors and missed deadlines. Covering a diverse range of topics from leadership, public speaking and time management skills to anger management, email etiquette and workplace diversity, these highly regarded courses will equip you with the tools you need to improve your job performance and your company's bottom line.

Corporate Licensing

Looking for a cost-effective way to improve your employees' soft skills? Look no further than K Alliance. We offer volume discounts on subscriptions to organizations wishing to support the development of their staff's business and professional skills. Organizations with a corporate license also receive a Learning Management System (LMS) capable of tracking the online training progress of employees. It is also possible for organizations to stream our SCORM compliant training videos through their existing SCORM compliant LMS.

  • Accounting and Finance

    K Alliance offers a series of comprehensive online training courses on Accounting and Finance to provide you with the necessary financial skills and knowledge that will enable you to succeed in your career. The videos are available 24/7 and can be....

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  • Administrative Support

    Completing the online administrative support training courses from K Alliance will equip you with the skills and knowledge that you need to build your administrative skills. Our courses will help you become more productive at the workplace, add to....

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  • Communication

    K Alliance offers a collection of online training videos on business communication to help individuals develop effective communication skills. Professionals who want to develop their careers, and organizations that want to provide cost-effective t....

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  • Customer Service

    Businesses cannot survive in today’s competitive market without ensuring that their customers are served well. The series of online customer service training videos presented by K Alliance feature everything that employees must know about provid....

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    According to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, any employee who works with protected personal health information of patients must undergo training on HIPAA policy and get certified. The self-study HIPAA training online courses offered by K All....

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  • Human Resources

    The collection of online human resources training courses offered by K Alliance cover various important topics such as workplace diversity, effective interviewing, feedback, sexual harassment and workplace bullying. The courses are led by experien....

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  • Leadership

    K Alliance offers a collection of online leadership training videos that will help develop the leadership skills of professionals who want to progress in their careers. The tutorial courses are especially helpful for business team leaders, manager....

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  • Management

    K Alliance presents a series of online management training programs catering to professionals seeking to advance their career into a managerial or leadership position. Businesses that conduct instructor-led internal training programs to enhance th....

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  • Operations

    K Alliance offers a series of online Operations training courses to help professionals seeking to build their careers in operations. The tutorials are video based and available online 24/7, so all you need is a computer with an Internet connection....

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  • Personal Development

    K Alliance presents a series of personal development online training videos to help improve the confidence, leadership skills, time management, creativity, innovation, stress management and organizational skills of busy professionals. Personal dev....

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  • Project Management

    Modern organizations rely on the synergy of project teams to accomplish complex goals. Project managers are responsible for leading a project to success, acting within the constraints of time and resources. K Alliance offers a series of project ma....

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  • Sales & Marketing

    It is important for any company operating in a competitive environment to have highly skilled sales and marketing staff. K Alliance offers online sales and marketing training videos for salespeople and marketing managers who want to upgrade their ....

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  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning is an important business activity that helps organizations to successfully navigate the global marketplace. K Alliance offers a set of strategic planning training videos designed to help upgrade the strategic decision-making ski....

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  • Team Building

    Our online team building training videos will help employees become more involved, co-operative and productive while working in teams. Our self-paced, online courses will enable employees to be trained on teamwork, team building, conflict resoluti....

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