Email Etiquette Training

It is important to be professional while sending email messages for work-related matters. Our email etiquette training course is intended to train individuals on how to use the medium of email to enhance business relationships and improve productivity. The online tutorial course is led by an experienced instructor and is available online 24/7. The videos provide a classroom feel, but without having the participants take time off work to attend a traditional training session. Learn at your own pace and start writing effective emails.

Target Audience

The email etiquette course is aimed at all individuals who are required to communicate to their colleagues and clients. Organizations that want to develop the email skills off their managers and junior staff members will find the course an economical training solution.


Participants are not required to have any prerequisite skills to benefit from this course.


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Video Course Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

    • 1.0 Getting Started With Email
      • Introduction 0:27
      • The Fundamentals Of Email 1:59
      • Pros And Cons Of Email 4:16
      • Writing Email Messages 2:21
      • When To Use Email 3:23
      • Sending And Receiving Email 7:28
      • Received Messages 3:22
      • Email Security Threats 4:00
      • Summary 0:25
    • 2.0 Email Considerations
      • Introduction 0:26
      • Securing Email 4:05
      • Attachment Considerations 2:44
      • Using Email Tools 3:47
      • Summary 0:20
    • 3.0 Email Composition
      • Introduction 0:21
      • Anatomy Of An Email 11:52
      • Email Communications 2:43
      • Negative Reactions 2:04
      • Composing The Email Message 1:36
      • Summary 0:18
    • 4.0 Email Writing Skills
      • Introduction 0:12
      • Using Simple Language 3:18
      • Punctuation 7:09
      • Improving Your Writing Style 5:47
      • Editing Email Messages 2:31
      • Summary 0:12
    • 5.0 Efficient Emailing
      • Introduction 0:13
      • Working With Recipients 2:26
      • Organizing Incoming Email Messages 6:14
      • Avoiding Spam Filters 2:54
      • Summary 0:11
    • 6.0 Netiquette
      • Introduction 0:18
      • What Is Netiquette? 1:15
      • Formatting 2:29
      • Tone 3:34
      • Emoticons 1:42
      • Summary 0:15
    • 7.0 Company Email Policies
      • Introduction 0:17
      • Why Have Email Policies? 4:45
      • The Company Email Policy 1:46
      • Liability Concerns 3:36
      • Summary 0:13
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Experienced Instructors
Experienced Instructors

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Certificate of Completion

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Take Notes

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